Amazon Web Services Introduces Managed Blockchain to Everyone

Amazon Web Services

Amazon has made it into the blockchain industry, and on April 30, the company announced that its subsidiary Amazon Web Services was launching its Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB).

Hyperleger Fabric & Ethereum Frameworks

Amazon Web Services has said that its AMB is designed to allow companies and customers to easily create a blockchain network that is simple and scalable to manage and uses the Hyperledger and Ethereum open source frameworks.  The Hyperledger Fabric is a product of Linux foundation and IBM as part of the IBM Blockchain, which is a Performance-as-a-service. Ethereum is not yet supported, …

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NTNX – Why Nutanix (NTNX) is a Top Momentum Stock for the Long-Term

For new and old investors, taking full advantage of the stock market and investing with confidence are common goals. Zacks Premium provides lots of different ways to do both.The research service features daily updates of the Zacks Rank and Zacks Industry Rank, full access to the Zacks #1 Rank List, Equity Research reports, and Premium stock screens, all of which will help you become a smarter, more confident investor.It also includes access to the Zacks Style Scores.What are the Zacks Style Scores?Developed alongside the Zacks Rank, the Zacks Style Scores are a group of complementary indicators that help investors pick stocks with the best chances of beating the market over the next 30 days.Each stock is assigned a rating of A, B, C, D, or F based on their value, growth, and momentum characteristics. Just like in school, an A is better than a B, a B is better than a C, and so on — that means the better the score, the better chance the stock will outperform.The Style Scores are broken down into four categories:Value ScoreFor value investors, it’s all about finding good stocks at good prices, and discovering which companies are trading under their true value before the broader market catches on. The Value Style Score utilizes ratios like P/E, PEG, Price/Sales, Price/Cash Flow, and a host of other multiples to help pick out the most attractive and discounted stocks.Growth ScoreWhile good value is important, growth investors are more focused on a company’s financial strength and health, and its future outlook. The Growth Style Score takes projected and historic earnings, sales, and cash flow into account to uncover stocks that will see long-term, sustainable growth.Momentum ScoreMomentum traders and investors live by the saying “the trend is your friend.” This investing style is all about taking advantage of upward or downward trends in a stock’s price or earnings outlook. Employing factors like one-week price change and the monthly percentage change in earnings estimates, the Momentum Style Score can indicate favorable times to build a position in high-momentum stocks.VGM ScoreIf you want a combination of all three Style Scores, then the VGM Score will be your friend. It rates each stock on their combined weighted styles, helping you find the companies with the most attractive value, best growth forecast, and most promising momentum. It’s also one of the best indicators to use with the Zacks Rank.How Style Scores Work with the Zacks RankThe Zacks Rank, which is a proprietary stock-rating model, employs earnings estimate revisions, or changes to a company’s earnings expectations, to make building a winning portfolio easier.#1 (Strong Buy) stocks have produced an unmatched +25.41% average annual return since 1988, which is more than double the S&P 500’s performance over the same time frame. However, the Zacks Rank examines a ton of stocks, and there can be more than 200 companies with a Strong Buy rank, and another 600 with a #2 (Buy) rank, on any given day.With more than 800 top-rated stocks to choose from, it can certainly feel overwhelming to pick the ones that are right for you and your investing journey.That’s where the Style Scores come in.To have the best chance of big returns, you’ll want to always consider stocks with a Zacks Rank #1 or #2 that also have Style Scores of A or B, which will give you the highest probability of success. If you’re looking at stocks with a #3 (Hold) rank, it’s important they have Scores of A or B as well to ensure as much upside potential as possible.The direction of a stock’s earnings estimate revisions should always be a key factor when choosing which stocks to buy, since the Scores were created to work together with the Zacks Rank.Here’s an example: a stock with a #4 (Sell) or #5 (Strong Sell) rating, even one with Style Scores of A and B, still has a downward-trending earnings outlook, and a bigger chance its share price will decrease too.Thus, the more stocks you own with a #1 or #2 Rank and Scores of A or B, the better.Stock to Watch: Nutanix (NTNX Quick QuoteNTNX – Free Report) San Jose, CA-based Nutanix Inc. provides enterprise cloud operating system that combines server, storage, virtualization and networking software into one integrated solution. Nutanix’s solution can be delivered either as an appliance that is configured to order or as software only. The company currently offers two software product families — Acropolis and Prism.NTNX is a #3 (Hold) on the Zacks Rank, with a VGM Score of B.Momentum investors should take note of this Computer and Technology stock. NTNX has a Momentum Style Score of B, and shares are up 22.9% over the past four weeks.Three analysts revised their earnings estimate upwards in the last 60 days for fiscal 2023. The Zacks Consensus Estimate has increased $0.05 to $0.26 per share. NTNX boasts an average earnings surprise of 93.8%.With a solid Zacks Rank and top-tier Momentum and VGM Style Scores, NTNX should be on investors’ short list.

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Nikola (NKLA Quick QuoteNKLA – Free Report) has been on a downward spiral lately with significant selling pressure. After declining 33.4% over the past four weeks, the stock looks well positioned for a trend reversal as it is now in oversold territory and there is strong agreement among Wall Street analysts that the company will report better earnings than they predicted earlier.How to Determine if a Stock is OversoldWe use Relative Strength Index (RSI), one of the most commonly used technical indicators, for spotting whether a stock is oversold. This is a momentum oscillator that measures the speed and change of price movements.RSI oscillates between zero and 100. Usually, a stock is considered oversold when its RSI reading falls below 30.Technically, every stock oscillates between being overbought and oversold irrespective of the quality of their fundamentals. And the beauty of RSI is that it helps you quickly and easily check if a stock’s price is reaching a point of reversal.So, by this measure, if a stock has gotten too far below its fair value just because of unwarranted selling pressure, investors may start looking for entry opportunities in the stock for benefitting from the inevitable rebound.However, like every investing tool, RSI has its limitations, and should not be used alone for making an investment decision.Why NKLA Could Bounce Back Before LongThe RSI reading of 29.11 for NKLA is an indication that the heavy selling could be in the process of exhausting itself, so the stock could bounce back in a quest for reaching the old equilibrium of supply and demand.The RSI value is not the only factor that indicates a potential turnaround for the stock in the near term. On the fundamental side, there has been strong agreement among the sell-side analysts covering the stock in raising earnings estimates for the current year. Over the last 30 days, the consensus EPS estimate for NKLA has increased 13.5%. And an upward trend in earnings estimate revisions usually translates into price appreciation in the near term.Moreover, NKLA currently has a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy), which means it is in the top 20% of more than the 4,000 stocks that we rank based on trends in earnings estimate revisions and EPS surprises. This is a more conclusive indication of the stock’s potential turnaround in the near term. You can see the complete list of today’s Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) stocks here > > > >

ADMA – Are Medical Stocks Lagging ADMA Biologics (ADMA) This Year?

The Medical group has plenty of great stocks, but investors should always be looking for companies that are outperforming their peers. Has Adma Biologics (ADMA Quick QuoteADMA – Free Report) been one of those stocks this year? By taking a look at the stock’s year-to-date performance in comparison to its Medical peers, we might be able to answer that question.Adma Biologics is a member of our Medical group, which includes 1144 different companies and currently sits at #5 in the Zacks Sector Rank. The Zacks Sector Rank gauges the strength of our 16 individual sector groups by measuring the average Zacks Rank of the individual stocks within the groups.The Zacks Rank is a proven system that emphasizes earnings estimates and estimate revisions, highlighting a variety of stocks that are displaying the right characteristics to beat the market over the next one to three months. Adma Biologics is currently sporting a Zacks Rank of #2 (Buy).Within the past quarter, the Zacks Consensus Estimate for ADMA’s full-year earnings has moved 55.2% higher. This signals that analyst sentiment is improving and the stock’s earnings outlook is more positive.Our latest available data shows that ADMA has returned about 5.2% since the start of the calendar year. Meanwhile, stocks in the Medical group have lost about 4.4% on average. This shows that Adma Biologics is outperforming its peers so far this year.Another Medical stock, which has outperformed the sector so far this year, is Novartis (NVS Quick QuoteNVS – Free Report) . The stock has returned 7.9% year-to-date.For Novartis, the consensus EPS estimate for the current year has increased 2.3% over the past three months. The stock currently has a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy).Looking more specifically, Adma Biologics belongs to the Medical – Biomedical and Genetics industry, which includes 552 individual stocks and currently sits at #99 in the Zacks Industry Rank. This group has lost an average of 8.6% so far this year, so ADMA is performing better in this area.On the other hand, Novartis belongs to the Large Cap Pharmaceuticals industry. This 12-stock industry is currently ranked #77. The industry has moved +0.5% year to date.Going forward, investors interested in Medical stocks should continue to pay close attention to Adma Biologics and Novartis as they could maintain their solid performance.

CELH – Are Consumer Staples Stocks Lagging Celsius (CELH) This Year?

For those looking to find strong Consumer Staples stocks, it is prudent to search for companies in the group that are outperforming their peers. Is Celsius Holdings Inc. (CELH Quick QuoteCELH – Free Report) one of those stocks right now? A quick glance at the company’s year-to-date performance in comparison to the rest of the Consumer Staples sector should help us answer this question.Celsius Holdings Inc. is one of 192 individual stocks in the Consumer Staples sector. Collectively, these companies sit at #7 in the Zacks Sector Rank. The Zacks Sector Rank considers 16 different sector groups. The average Zacks Rank of the individual stocks within the groups is measured, and the sectors are listed from best to worst.The Zacks Rank is a proven model that highlights a variety of stocks with the right characteristics to outperform the market over the next one to three months. The system emphasizes earnings estimate revisions and favors companies with improving earnings outlooks. Celsius Holdings Inc. is currently sporting a Zacks Rank of #1 (Strong Buy).Within the past quarter, the Zacks Consensus Estimate for CELH’s full-year earnings has moved 19.7% higher. This signals that analyst sentiment is improving and the stock’s earnings outlook is more positive.Based on the latest available data, CELH has gained about 21.5% so far this year. In comparison, Consumer Staples companies have returned an average of -1.5%. As we can see, Celsius Holdings Inc. is performing better than its sector in the calendar year.Another stock in the Consumer Staples sector, PepsiCo (PEP Quick QuotePEP – Free Report) , has outperformed the sector so far this year. The stock’s year-to-date return is 1.6%.The consensus estimate for PepsiCo’s current year EPS has increased 1% over the past three months. The stock currently has a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy).Looking more specifically, Celsius Holdings Inc. belongs to the Food – Miscellaneous industry, a group that includes 49 individual stocks and currently sits at #37 in the Zacks Industry Rank. On average, stocks in this group have gained 1.5% this year, meaning that CELH is performing better in terms of year-to-date returns.PepsiCo, however, belongs to the Beverages – Soft drinks industry. Currently, this 16-stock industry is ranked #24. The industry has moved +5% so far this year.Investors interested in the Consumer Staples sector may want to keep a close eye on Celsius Holdings Inc. and PepsiCo as they attempt to continue their solid performance.