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[12:00am] smoots : avaiable funds for trading $205.34 might have to use for some small bills. like i said- going back to 40 hrs a week--just didnt pan out this time around but ill be back...................thanks though, will be studying and dining in on DD...
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : Smoots ... calln Smoots
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : Smoots -- gotta ask ya ,,, did ya get ya some FALC when posted ?
[12:00am] Day Trader : ok, have a nice weekend, thank you for all your help today... best wishes for all...
[12:00am] Imagine : GRWC being collected
[12:00am] Blackjack : oh
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : nice Image I get it
[12:00am] Imagine : GDSI a lil frisky
[12:00am] Imagine : with a spread
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : hardwood floor here thanks for asking
[12:00am] freebird : LOL
[12:00am] freebird : do they match your moustache?
[12:00am] Imagine : ohhh ok so i can just stare like everybody else does hehe
[12:00am] freebird : VICA keep a watch next wk was .11 yesterday, no vol today
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : back in SIGO based on new 8K about hr ago. thinking 8-10% flip Monday
[12:00am] Day Trader : yeap
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : better than sitting around the station playing cards
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : and swing trader
[12:00am] Day Trader : wow and trader too
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : and high school football ref
[12:00am] Day Trader : nice
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : and paramedic
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : yes DT
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : STXS getting little lovin
[12:00am] Day Trader : are you firefighter
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : we all cook. clean, and run calls
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : I can hold my own with the boys here at the station
[12:00am] smoots : im betting female all the way
[12:00am] Day Trader : LOL
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : I can afford my own
[12:00am] Day Trader : you will get less drinks
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : hey now
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : thats not nice
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : ohhh ,, lol :0
[12:00am] freebird : hahhaha
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : meet all you but only let Image buy me a drink
[12:00am] freebird : and find out blondie is a dude
[12:00am] Day Trader >11430 : let me know :D
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : :E
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : as Blondi would say ,,, "what that mean to me in blonde terms" sounds like you only want to meet $Imagine
[12:00am] Day Trader >11430 : no problem :D
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun >14003 : If your invited
[12:00am] Day Trader : it will be nice to have a real meeting of the members of this chat room...see each other faces... maybe become friends... just Imagine...
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : USRM anutter nhod an testing
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : set it up
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : 2018 - meet and greet then?
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : lol
[12:00am] Imagine : would be a mute get together
[12:00am] Imagine : effin peeps dont even chat
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : only here
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : me no speaka wid fork tongue --- maybe I should try that
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : you guys have a yearly get together?
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : longer tongue would help from gettin there in first place
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : she already went there
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : lol
[12:00am] Imagine : ot going there
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : phew, phew, ... pft ..pftt ... ... cant get this pesky hair out my mouth ...
[12:00am] Imagine : well i was,,,oh nevah mind
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : not worth the time or trouble for that 2 cents ......... and that me putting in my 2 cents
[12:00am] Imagine : :b
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun >14077 : what that mean to me in blonde terms is Buy at .25 then sell if it hits .27
[12:00am] Day Trader : :D
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : 0:)
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : Smoots - also posted EFLN yesterday ....
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun >14077 : your curtain is open
[12:00am] freebird : read both posts. buy .25 sell .27. when .27 breaks..................
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : maybe Blonde Shave More is lookn over my shoulder today .... thatmakes 3 posts we have made in seconds of each other :b
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : yes I saw ur post 1st and 2nd ,, your on it Bird
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : Blondi agrees or she wouldnt have posted it
[12:00am] freebird : scro;; up
[12:00am] freebird : I just posted MARA at .26
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : MARA pop on scanners
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : my OPinion only --- MARA would be a decent swing now also and Freebird may agree
[12:00am] Imagine : even the default chart here not bad re` grwc
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : USRM nhod and testing
[12:00am] Imagine : lil chatter re` GRWC 420 play
[12:00am] smoots : yes on IDXG but i cant find gaps --didnt see the gap on IDXG---just took your word for it--- dont know why think or swim--- maybe my chart isnt set up right
[12:00am] Imagine : itz comin
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : and anyone else thats interested .. Blondi , you want a 2 week hold ?
[12:00am] Imagine : yest hod .97 today so far .98
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : ya gettn this Smoots ?
[12:00am] Imagine : 1$ break should power it up
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : yup yup... but when she does... thats my speculation
[12:00am] Imagine : lmao lmao
[12:00am] Imagine : been trying for 3 days now,,,stumbles and can`t get up
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : that was good $ ---- my dog doesnt even know his own name ... lol
[12:00am] Imagine : lol
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : excuse me ,,,, the only azzzzz 0L
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : ask the azzzzz 0L in the room what he thinks about SHIP
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : did ya follow along with IDXG and the gap fill called = flawless tech. on that ... and before it occured
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : ok Smoots -- dont know ur pps trading range --- but SHIP been tryn real hard to tap $1 ... when it taps that $1 and breaks ,,, its gonna go ^^^ and test the 1.25 headbang level ... and thats just my OPinion ,,, and now that the 200 day moving av
[12:00am] freebird : MARA .27 again
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : all spark and no spike
[12:00am] Day Trader : LOL
[12:00am] Day Trader : Hi Blonde.... right here by my computer LOL
[12:00am] freebird : Optimus Prime has the spark
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : DT my man were you been?
[12:00am] Imagine : use calculator up top of chat
[12:00am] Imagine : % are after tradin fees
[12:00am] Day Trader : Hi
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