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[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : APHD 001s hitting dilutor gone maybe this time theyll let it go ,news out
[12:00am] rysky007 : as soon as that bid catches up, it could breakout, IMO
[12:00am] Imagine : payin attention but not in :(
[12:00am] rysky007 : please tell me someone is paying attention
[12:00am] rysky007 : .099 wow
[12:00am] rysky007 : started at .04 levels yesterday
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : trip 0 GGSM wants out of trip an into doubles today
[12:00am] rysky007 : TPTW might breakout past .10 here
[12:00am] Imagine : yep bitcoin resurge
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : bitcoin tickers wakng up again - BTSC and BTCS ,,, BITCF tappn scanner also
[12:00am] Imagine : QSMG shadow pick good morn so far
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : UHLN to test hod also
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : PGPM lil pull but going bck up to test hod @ .01
[12:00am] Imagine : DCTH winner
[12:00am] Imagine : BTSC cmon .03 more baby
[12:00am] Imagine : take care nice you dropped in
[12:00am] Imagine : true true
[12:00am] Grizzly : just need a couple 4$ to 100$ runs lmao
[12:00am] RickardKarstark : DCTH
[12:00am] Imagine : DCTH nice pop
[12:00am] Imagine : lol not all that greedy just behind for the year
[12:00am] Grizzly : t5hats all ya need you greedy mofo
[12:00am] Imagine : doin well but not ripping just steady
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : PGPM continuation ,, yes sir
[12:00am] Imagine : DCTH BTSC
[12:00am] Grizzly : I see the market been doing pretty well tho still
[12:00am] Grizzly : I have a few mini vactions planned inside the main vaction for some woods and fishing time
[12:00am] Imagine : cool
[12:00am] Imagine : safe travels!
[12:00am] Grizzly : yup next weekend
[12:00am] Grizzly : july :)
[12:00am] Grizzly : but I see the light now
[12:00am] Imagine : bout ready to hit the road ?
[12:00am] Grizzly : It feels like forever to get this chit done for like a friggin prison sentence
[12:00am] Imagine : lol
[12:00am] Grizzly : like a rabid banchee
[12:00am] Grizzly : Itz going
[12:00am] Imagine >13175 : hey man how goes it
[12:00am] Imagine : $$$$$$$ letz make some!
[12:00am] Imagine : gm
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : INMG news
[12:00am] Grizzly : me my wife an son
[12:00am] Grizzly : We have been planning the At trip since 2011
[12:00am] Grizzly : we prolly be there bout sept Im thinking in cali
[12:00am] Grizzly : then the AT in spring of 18
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : Cali is very warm (hot) this time of the year
[12:00am] Grizzly : well will actually be over that heading to maine first for a month then towards cali as we go no rush just plug away just gotta be back to florida before I freeze up.
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : my type of adventure
[12:00am] Grizzly : almost 14k miles
[12:00am] Grizzly : then it would be Grizwold
[12:00am] Grizzly : yeah kinda
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : get it ? Griswold = Griz .. Grizzley
[12:00am] Grizzly : Hows everyone been doing ... Been ny good runners
[12:00am] Grizzly : Should be able to get on more often after next week ..
[12:00am] Grizzly : been fun and crazze at the same time .. Have even had time to check my portfolilios... much less trade lol
[12:00am] Grizzly : No now I got less than 2 weeks for rv trip.. Almost sold everything I own off...
[12:00am] Grizzly : Good morning everyone ... Been while been super busy
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : Griz === was just thinking about you yest. wondering if you was gonna return or stay mia
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : SPEX news
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : ENPH was trading after hrs yest. = hs news and makn a lil pre mkt. noise
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : GIGL huge news going to be on Extra!
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : Good morning
[12:00am] Imagine : GOVX be aware zika drug effective
[12:00am] Imagine : IMRN good ay and ready to set n/hod aft hrs
[12:00am] Imagine : your virus program should alert you but if it doesn`t I have
[12:00am] shadow1461 : tnx
[12:00am] Imagine : DCTH pm and day action been hott
[12:00am] Imagine : trading is like sex when itz good itz verrrry good when itz bad itz still good
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : lol
[12:00am] Imagine : oops
[12:00am] Imagine : you must be a trader lol
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : GIGL .14 coming more new highs that chart is ripe for a possible retest of those .25 highs
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : TMPS .40 break here looking for .50 HOD test before the close
[12:00am] Imagine : likewise
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : ya got me on that 1 man ! Im laughing out loud ova here
[12:00am] Imagine : bet they are on top of em OP just not sharing
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : many tickers rounding the bottom and tryn to look up after the pull
[12:00am] Imagine : bitcoin plays recovering
[12:00am] Imagine : GAHC lil move
[12:00am] Imagine : robot assisted walk system for disabled
[12:00am] Imagine : RWLK phatty day
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : NNSR tweet out great news Custodian discharged last week! We can now proceed with OTC and becoming current. A-16-740314-P
[12:00am] Imagine : my .075 can i get a double hmmmm
[12:00am] Imagine : BTSC lookin good
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : BTSC quietly movn up all morning
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : GIGL makn some noise w/nhod
[12:00am] rysky007 : TPTW breaking news: Acquires Patent Pending 3D technolgoy that does not require the use of 3D Glasses, this is a game changer for mobile and VR interfaces. IMO
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : CYTR getn it together for another move
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : AXPW anutter nhod
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : AXPW nhod
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : ^^^ nhod printed
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : AXPW w/a pop .. lookn to test hod @.0085
[12:00am] shadow1461 : hod
[12:00am] shadow1461 : QSMG
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : off n spikn ^^^^^
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : TRXC lil vol surge happening
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : RAD reaching out
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^ hod test in the works
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : PGPM wants to move
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