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[12:00am] RockinTop : nope got caught
[12:00am] Imagine : thought you dumped that?
[12:00am] RockinTop : just checkin on my nice leather bag of DGLT ...some activity but I guess you just lucky of it trades?
[12:00am] Imagine : all i`s dotted t`s crossed fines paid etc etc
[12:00am] Imagine : lol
[12:00am] RockinTop : well chit
[12:00am] RockinTop : lol
[12:00am] Imagine : no typical,,,,just like going to restroom job not complete til ALL paperwork done,,,
[12:00am] smoots : BLTO please come out of Grey
[12:00am] RockinTop : shouldve said off suspension and then comes out on gray
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : CDTI hod challenge
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : OHGI breakn $1
[12:00am] Imagine : with a passion
[12:00am] RockinTop : hate em
[12:00am] Imagine : whacking biatches
[12:00am] Imagine : SFOR what can i say
[12:00am] Imagine : up 900%
[12:00am] Imagine : CHOB n/hod on deck
[12:00am] Imagine : bam
[12:00am] Imagine : 23$ coming again
[12:00am] Imagine : level 2 lit up and flashing like a xmas tree ohhhh the purty colors lol
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : CDTI poppn on sudden vol
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : TROV currently @ .89
[12:00am] RockinTop : shoulda bought more on that dip
[12:00am] Imagine : don`t be afraid of the lil shakeouts they are healthy ,,,getting the riding crop out now,,,,25$ gotta have it
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : TROV gettn itself together for a $1 challenge / break
[12:00am] Imagine : yesssss!!!!!!
[12:00am] RockinTop : ok, Im in too ...
[12:00am] Imagine : luv it
[12:00am] shadow1461 : wid ya
[12:00am] Imagine : oh yeah baby yeah just like that
[12:00am] Imagine : say what!
[12:00am] Imagine : yes yes
[12:00am] Imagine : take it to the limit one more time
[12:00am] Imagine : HMNY lol
[12:00am] Imagine : PRELF
[12:00am] Imagine : come on HMNY gimme a DOUBLE
[12:00am] Imagine : TVIX been on my priority watch list for under 9$ for seems forever now getting sooooo close
[12:00am] Imagine : slip slidin away
[12:00am] Imagine : HMNY yowsa
[12:00am] Imagine : PRELF careful ya might make a few $$
[12:00am] Imagine : here we go
[12:00am] Imagine : coupla hundred for chits and grins at 18$
[12:00am] Imagine : HMNY 19.50 breaks run begins and thar she goes
[12:00am] Imagine : dont be skeered
[12:00am] Blackjack : FUTL soon money machine
[12:00am] Imagine : just trying to learn this profit thing so many people speak of :b
[12:00am] smoots : you said it never fails :)
[12:00am] Imagine : SFOR nice n steady climbing back up after the silly dip
[12:00am] smoots : rock and roll BIT BITS
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : CHIT still holding mine very thin ask VNDM still @ 0023
[12:00am] Imagine : SFOR not done CHOB either ,,,purely my thoughts
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : BYOC added some more
[12:00am] Imagine : PRELF higher pps bitcoin ditty doing well also
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : SQTX added a little more Monday should be real fun
[12:00am] Imagine : BTSC BTCS DIGAF etc etc buy the new money to make old money
[12:00am] Imagine : SFOR mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i smell $$$
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : PFWI really thinning out here nice
[12:00am] Imagine : yeah i said it
[12:00am] Imagine : BTCS
[12:00am] Imagine : CHOB hit with power
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : PFWI 004s are falling nice
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : trip 0 GRDO is barking
[12:00am] Blackjack : GAHC .022
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : LBIX bouncing
[12:00am] Imagine : know you not been watchin it cause it quietly does itz thing but if you took advantage from early last week 10 days ago SFOR well,,,,,,
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : DPW same scanner had good day yesterday
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : ^^^^ in yest. @ .625
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : BIOA out the gates strong
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : BIOA good volume
[12:00am] rysky007 : CHOB is my mega fRiday alert
[12:00am] rysky007 : CHOB is my mega fRiday alert
[12:00am] rysky007 : CHOB is my mega fRiday alert
[12:00am] rysky007 : CHOB is my mega fRiday alert
[12:00am] rysky007 : CHOB is my mega fRiday alert
[12:00am] rysky007 : CHOB is my mega fRiday alert
[12:00am] Imagine : CPST news this morn
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : CPST makn good noise
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : PZRX
[12:00am] Blackjack : ah
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : no WI
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : here in town where I work
[12:00am] Imagine : BTCS and others gettin luv
[12:00am] Blackjack : where?
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : we had 4 car accident so missed most of it
[12:00am] Blackjack : chicago Cubs
[12:00am] Blackjack : LMAO
[12:00am] blondeshavemorefun : who??
[12:00am] Imagine : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[12:00am] Blackjack : whoa what a game last night CUBBES WON!
[12:00am] Imagine : several shipping play also
[12:00am] Imagine : started aft hrs yest
[12:00am] shadow1461 : TOPS active
[12:00am] shadow1461 : morning
[12:00am] Imagine : mornin y`all
[12:00am] Imagine : Cubs 9 those other guys 8 hola
[12:00am] shadow1461 : DPW up some pm
[12:00am] RockinTop : good morning
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : SQTX news
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : PFWI official PR out nice
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